Jussi Parikka will be at ANAMED on January 15 to talk about his book, What is Media Archaeology?.
What is Media Archaeology? focuses on the abnormal side of the media cultures, what is out of the sphere of the mainstream. It brings explanations about how media can be discussed archaeologically, and it provides a thought map consisting of various theories, methods, and ideas that can guide us to achieve that.

What is Media Archaeology? considers new media cultures as a concept in which the past can be rediscovered instantly, and the new technologies can be outdated quite fast. Through media consumption practices that became retro, such as vinyls, the book shows brand new ways to research new media by means of the old media.

Jussi Parikka and Ahmet Gürata’s conversation will include quite a wide range of topics from Steampunk to Do-It-Yourself spirit, from Michel Foucault to Friedrich A. Kittler to Walter Benjamin, from social media to imaginary media. 
We are looking forward to see you there!

Date: January 15, Monday, 18:00
Place: ANAMED, İstiklal Cad. Merkez Han No: 181 Beyoglu, Istanbul
*The entrance is free, the talk will be in English.