How would Constantinople, the last largest urban settlement of the Greco-Roman World become the largest city of Medieval Christian Europe? […]

AUTHOR(S) Paul Magdalino, 20TL

Medieval Constantinople
Studies on the History and Topography of Byzantine Constantinople

AUTHOR(S) Paul Magdalino,

This title is Turkish translation of The Republic of Love: Cultural Intimacy in Turkish Popular Music , University of Chicago […]

AUTHOR(S) Martin Stokes, 28TL

The Republic of Love
Cultural Intimacy in Turkish Popular Music

AUTHOR(S) Martin Stokes,

“In this study of Kuzguncuk, known as one of Istanbul’s historically most tolerant, multiethnic neighborhoods, Amy Mills is animated by […]

AUTHOR(S) Amy Mills, 28TL

Streets of Memory
Landscape, Tolerance, and National Identity in Istanbul

AUTHOR(S) Amy Mills,