Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals

Matthias Lutz-Bachmann
Amos Nascimento

TRANSLATED BY: Akın Emre Pilgir


CATEGORY: Philosophy
Political Sciences
PAGES: 206
SIZE: 13,5 x 20 cm.
EDITION: 1. Baskı ,2016-10-17 00:00:00
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786059389136

This book is the Turkish translation of Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals: Essays on Critical Theory and Human Rights publsihed by Ashgate. From the backcover of the English original:

This book proposes a new agenda for research into a Critical Theory of Human Rights. Each chapter pursues three goals: to reconstruct modern philosophical theories that have contributed to our views on human rights; to highlight the importance of humanity and human dignity as a complementary dimension to liberal rights; and, finally, to integrate these issues more directly in contemporary discussions about cosmopolitanism. The authors not only present multicultural perspectives on how to rethink political and international theory in terms of the normativity of human rights, but also promote an international dialogue on the prospects for a critical theory of human rights discourses in the 21st century.”


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