Pink Home

Hikmet Şevki


CATEGORY: Feuilleton
PAGES: 376
SIZE: 13,5 x 20 cm
EDITION: 5 Ocak 2022
HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-625-8022-09-4

This forgotten novel by Hikmet Şevki, one of the well-known journalists and men of letters of his time, was serialized in Resimli Gazete from April 7 to October 10, 1928, and this is the first time it is published in the Latin alphabet.

Füsun, who lives peacefully with her mother and aunt in the Pink Home in Yakacık, suspects that a secret about her family has been kept from her. As she learns about this secret through letters, newspaper reports, and emerging witnesses, she faces a past shrouded in love, betrayal, and crime.

On the one hand, Pink Home is a novel about Füsun’s growth, and on the other, it is a murder mystery. Elements such as the diversity of places and the display of lifestyles also provide important data for researchers of early Republican history.

Pink Home: A Novel of Love and Emotion, which Resimli Gazete published left a deep mark in Turkish literature, as it is a remarkable work of fiction that features Füsun’s interesting views on happiness, pain, fortune, and life. Füsun has been trying to decipher a secret from her childhood and the past hidden from her, and due to the depth of her emotional world she is among the female characters of Turkish literature who deserve to be examined.”


Hikmet Şevki’s year of birth is unknown. He has worked in the press since the early years of the republic, and his stories and criticisms have been published in many magazines and newspapers.


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