Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem


CATEGORY: Feuilleton
PAGES: 272
SIZE: 13,5 x 20 cm
EDITION: 1st print ,2018-12-07 13:10
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786052116791

Little Saime’s deep sorrow upon losing her mother and then her grandmother prompts his father Sadık Bey to re-marry. As the past of Saime’s stepmother-to-be Binnaz Hanım is revealed, dramatic and occasionally humorous new stories emerge.

 Saime is a “realistic” novel that is a reflection of the period in which it was written, and contains lively and striking scenes of family and neighborhood life, marriage and death rituals, as well as detailed descriptions of clothing and fashion in Ottoman society.

Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem was one of the most important writers of Turkish literature. His novel Saime was discontinued due to censorship while it was serialized in the İkdam newspaper in 1898. The novel leaves the reader with an unforgettable and incomplete taste due to the knots the author ties and the clues he sprinkles.


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