The Child-State of the Mind

Studies in Cognitive Development

Aylin C. Kuntay
Çağla Aydın
Deniz Tahiroğlu
Tilbe Göksun


CATEGORY: Psychology
PAGES: 430
SIZE: 16,5 x 24 cm.
EDITION: 1st print ,2016-06-01 00:00:00
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786055250966

What is the relationship between the human mind and behavior? In what ways this relationship changes according to the age? What can be expected from a child’s mind in different ages? These are the questions that concern both the academicians and students, the professionals who creates policies about these topics, and the parents.

The Child-State of the Mind: Mental Development Studies aims to shed light on children’s and babies’ world of thought with the help of the current research findings on a large scale from theoretic approaches to practices. The books content reaches to a wide range of topics, from the research fields which have been an object of curiosity like language development to more recent fields, such as musical development, social cognition, perception of the norms. The book reviews the topics of mental development –use of gesture, imitation, memory, mental representation and imagination– through unorthodox development stories.

The Child-State of the Mind not only thoroughly provides the latest findings in mental development studies, but also represents the first-of-its-kind Turkish guide that discusses the local discoveries and makes intercultural comparisons.


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