The Queen’s Shadow

A Story About How Animals See

Cybèle Young



CATEGORY: Children's Books
SIZE: 29,5 x 23 cm
EDITION: 1st print ,2020-11-23 11:35
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786057685490

This book is the Turkish translation of The Queen’s Shadow, originally published by Kids Can Press.

This is a surreal detective story based on scientific facts about how animals see.

On the night of the royal festival, the Queen’s ball continues in full swing. Suddenly there is a flash of lightning, and then everything turns dark. When the lights come back on, a daring robbery is revealed.

Someone stole the Queen’s shadow!

Fortunately, the royal detective Mantis Shrimp is there to question the guests. Mr. Chameleon, Captain Shark, Spearhead Snake, the Goat, the Dragonfly, the Giant Squid, Doctor Pigeon, and two young sea urchins Romanof and Ekino are questioned one by one. Each suspect’s unique perspective is an important part of the puzzle, and the events of the night are finally revealed in full, in an unexpected yet fun fashion.

In a creative and extraordinary book with striking illustrations and a witty narrative, Cybèle Young presents a world that is both fantastically rich and full of scientific facts.

2016 – Outstanding Children’s Book, Animal Behavior Society, Winner
2015 – Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Winner
2015 – 2015 Science in Society Children/Middle Grades Book Award, The Canadian Science Writers’ Association, Winner
2015 – Lane Anderson Award, Fitzhenry Family Foundation, Winner


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