This forgotten novel by Hikmet Şevki, one of the well-known journalists and men of letters of his time, was serialized […]

AUTHOR(S) Hikmet Şevki, 70 TL

Pink Home

AUTHOR(S) Hikmet Şevki,

Translated into modern Turkish by: Reyhan Tutumlu and Ali Serdar The Tefrika (serial fiction) collection of Koç University Press brings [...]

AUTHOR(S) Selim Nüzhet Gerçek, 60 TL

Victim to Unknown Forces

AUTHOR(S) Selim Nüzhet Gerçek,

Bir Günahkâr Geceden Sonra (After a Sinful Night) and Muhaberat-ı Hakikiye (True Correspondence) focus on the friendship and the solidarity […]

AUTHOR(S) Sadiye Vefik, 60 TL

After a Sinful Night / True Correspondence

AUTHOR(S) Sadiye Vefik,

Asabi Kız. Due to the mental depression she is experiencing, Nazife is in conflict with the world and in competition […]

AUTHOR(S) Ahmet Rasim, 60 TL

Asabi Kız-Sabiha

AUTHOR(S) Ahmet Rasim,

Little Saime’s deep sorrow upon losing her mother and then her grandmother prompts his father Sadık Bey to re-marry. As […]

AUTHOR(S) Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem, 16 TL


AUTHOR(S) Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem,

Pakize is connected to the tradition of the Tanzimat novel because it discusses issues such as marriage, westernization, education, and […]

AUTHOR(S) Behice Ziya Kollar, 14 TL


AUTHOR(S) Behice Ziya Kollar,

Serap is a novel of internal reckoning blending the crisis caused by political pressures and the “crisis of masculinity.” A […]

AUTHOR(S) Mehmet Rauf, 16 TL


AUTHOR(S) Mehmet Rauf,

In 1917, while World War I continued, body parts scattered around various districts of Istanbul revealed a gruesome murder. The […]

AUTHOR(S) Ziya, 18 TL

The Severed Head Murder


Sırrı Sezai and Muammer Sacit are two prodigal heirs who are struggling to find a way out of debt. Their […]

AUTHOR(S) Mahmut Yesari, 36 TL


AUTHOR(S) Mahmut Yesari,

Arif Münir is a young, megalomaniac casanova, and a captive in Princess Sadberk’s mansion due to the “damned envy of the […]

AUTHOR(S) Vedat Örfi Bengü, 60 TL

Forty Troubles

AUTHOR(S) Vedat Örfi Bengü,

Once-bestseller Ercüment Ekrem’s colorful novel is on the shelves again from Tefrika Series! In Majesty, Ercüment Ekrem subtly builds a […]

AUTHOR(S) Ercüment Ekrem Talu, 60 TL


AUTHOR(S) Ercüment Ekrem Talu,

Mehmet Rauf is one of the most significant authors of the Republican period of Turkish literature thanks to both with […]

AUTHOR(S) Mehmet Rauf, 60 TL


AUTHOR(S) Mehmet Rauf,

Broken Heart, or what happens if the intellectual and beautiful daughter of a respected family from Istanbul during 1890 becomes […]

AUTHOR(S) Fatma Fahrünnisa, 12 TL

Broken Heart

AUTHOR(S) Fatma Fahrünnisa,

The Prostitute, or how come the beautiful Fikriye of the suburbs have become the elegant prostitute Şadan? In this novel serialized […]

AUTHOR(S) Selahattin Enis, 95 TL

The Prostitute

AUTHOR(S) Selahattin Enis,

I Have Killed My Love is the unknown novel of a writer yet to be known. Written by famous Turkish author […]

AUTHOR(S) Belkıs Sami Boyar, 95 TL

I Have Killed My Love

AUTHOR(S) Belkıs Sami Boyar,