Conscience: The Origins of Moral Intuition

Patricia S. Churchland



CATEGORY: Philosophy
PAGES: 232
SIZE: 13,5×20
EDITION: 1st print, August 2021 ,2021-06-27 06:39
HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-605-7685-87-2

This book is the Turkish translation of Conscience: The Origins of Moral Intuition, originally published by W.W. Norton & Company.

The book Conscience, which was the finalist of the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award, explores why all social animals have moral systems and how these formed. In this book, the famous neurologist and neuro-philosopher professor Patricia S. Churchland combines neuroscience, genetics, and the impact of the physical environment as she explains how our brains were formed to create connections and to care for children, and she also explores the reasons why immoral psychopaths emerge.

This work generally defines our morality and ethics in neurobiological terms, reveals that our advanced social nature involves the complicated interaction between our basal ganglia and commanding frontal cortex. In the second half of her book, Churchland also analyzes philosophical discussions in detail and revisits 2500 years of philosophical tradition from Socrates to Bertrand Russell in the light of current neurobiological findings, in order to understand how morality came to be transferred through generations, and why it became the basis of all societies.

Patricia S. Churchland is considered to be the leading name in neuro-philosophy, and since 1984 she has been professor at University of California in San Diego.


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