Le Grand Serpent

Adrien Parlange

TRANSLATED BY: Göyçen Gülce Karagöz


CATEGORY: Children's Books
SIZE: 30×20
EDITION: 1st print, August 2021
HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-605-7685-94-0

This book is the Turkish translation of Le Grand Serpent, originally published by Albin Michel.

One morning, a child wakes up and sees the tip of a snake’s tail under his pillow. The child then follows the curves all the way to the corridor, where he discovers the gigantic body of the snake. The animal is so motionless that it appears to be dead. When the child pinches the skin of the reptile, and he hears a stifled cry in response, coming from far away. Then, in order to appease his fear and his curiosity the child decides to follow the reptile through the garden, the streets of the city, the forest, and the fields.

Written and illustrated by the award-winning artist Adrien Parlange, Le Grand Serpent (The Big Snake) is the story of the friendly and unlikely encounter of two completely different beings who chose each other and who decide to form a bond.


2021 dPICTUS The 100 Outstanding Picturebooks

2020 Bologna Children’s Books Fair, Special Mention Prize, Fiction Category

2020 Prix du Livre Grand Est, Jury Prize, Illustration Category


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