O Protesto

Eduarda Lima


CATEGORY: Children's Books
SIZE: 21,5 x 28 cm
HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-605-8022-00-1
HARDCOVER PRICE: 36 (exempt from VAT)

It all started when one bird stopped singing. Other birds also joined it in silence. And the cats did not meow, the dogs did not bark, the wolves did not howl, and the insects did not buzz. Penguins, the stars of so many documentaries, stopped walking, and cows stopped giving milk. All over the world, it was as if all the animals had made a deal.

The first illustrated Children’s book by Portuguese illustrator Eduarda Lima O Protesto, conveys a “silent cry” about environmental sensitivity. Devoid of clichés, its conclusion makes us smile and think even more.

Eduarda Lima is a 2D animator and illustrator. She studied architecture at the University College of London and motion design at the London College of Communication. In 2020, O Protesto, which is her first illustrated children’s book received a Special Mention at the Portuguese National Illustration Awards.


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