The Bluff Book

İlhan Durusel
Tansu M. Gülaydın


PAGES: 104
SIZE: 13,5 x 20 cm.
EDITION: 1st print ,2018-03-10 00:00:00
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786052116326

How can “the chaos of the age of information” or “the knowledge that comes with the chaos” can be a tool of self-realization for mid-level intellectuals?

Born within the carefully delineated lines of the reality, The Bluff Book questions the very essence of “knowledge” – how it is created naturally or artificially, and how it can be imitated through a work of fiction.

With the highly teatrical, if not embarrassing, dialogues of two writers, Mex and Plexus, The Bluff Book invites readers to an alternative reality where Duke Ellington’s origin story starts with six fingers on a hand, Neil Armstrong and Louis Armstrong are relatives, and well-known and unrelated names such as Agatha Christie, Gary Cooper, and Queen Elizabeth are the members of a murder fan club.

And of course, all of this is in the name of the “knowledge” that creates (but never forgives) us.
The Bluff Book is a work that is hard to describe: a short story, a poem, an essay – it is an unclassifiable masterpiece that bends the very term of genre.


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