The Colorful Forest in Space

Ilgım Veryeri Alaca


CATEGORY: Children's Books
SIZE: 21,5 x 25,5 cm
HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-625-8022-14-8

Who would have thought that we would have tea against a colorful forest in the depths of space?

This forest is both colorful and magical. What makes it so beautiful are the hands that collect and sprinkle the seeds, the eyes that watch it turn green, and the hearts that make it grow. In it are transparent and silvery vines, smiling poppies, space redwoods that can fit an orchestra inside, and myriad healing thorns, roots, and leaves.

The explanation of how all these come together is in the work Colorful Forest in Space, penned and illustrated by Ilgım Veryeri Alaca. The wonderful visuals in the book invite the readers not only to read but also to dream along. Colorful Forest in Space also recommends attractions, museums to visit, and other books to read. It even features a poster surprise where everyone can create their forest and plan their own space trip.

Ilgım Veryeri Alaca was born in 1975 in Istanbul. She studied art, design, and printmaking at Mimar Sinan University, California State University, Illinois University, and Hacettepe University. Her works are on display in museums, and her reviews appear in international publications. She received the International Youth Library Scholarship in 2017.


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