The Value of Everything

Making and Taking in the Global Economy

Mariana Mazzucato

TRANSLATED BY: Esin Soğancılar


CATEGORY: Economics
PAGES: 328
SIZE: 16,5 x 24 cm
EDITION: 1st print, September 2020 ,2020-09-30 16:00
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786057685421

This book is the Turkish translation of The Value of Everything, originally published by Penguin Books.

Who are the real producers in today’s world? And how do we establish the value of what they produce? The financial and economic crisis that we are undergoing is caused by the fact that we are losing our understanding of the true meaning of value.

In modern capitalism, the creation of value, in other words, the process of production which sustains a healthy economy and society is not rewarded as much as the extortion of value. From finance to big pharma and information technology, the actual goal is not to produce, but to seize the value that is produced. The meaning and importance of the concept of value, which were once the main pillar of economic thought are no longer being discussed.

In her book dealing with the concept of value from a very broad perspective, Mariana Mazzucato argues that we should remember from where wealth originates. What activities create value, which ones usurp it, and which ones destroy it? The answers to these questions are of great importance if we want to replace the current parasitic system with one that is sustainable and suitable for common living. The Value of Everything rekindles a long-forgotten debate about the world model we want to live in.


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