What Josephine saw

Kimberly Hart

TRANSLATED BY: Hayrullah Doğan


CATEGORY: Anthropology
Art History
PAGES: 247
SIZE: 23 x 28 cm.
EDITION: 1st print, June 2012
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786056257599

Everybody always said that these women could only copy and that they copied and copied and copied. But within each kilim, there were all of these variations and they managed so well to conform to my concept of what was interesting and what was beautiful.

“[What I saw in these kilims] was this combination of color and design. Everybody always said that these women could only copy and that they copied and copied and copied. But within each kilim, there were all of these variations and they managed so well to conform to my concept of what was interesting and what was beautiful. I know that they hadn’t woven them for me, but they fell within what I was interested in.”

Josephine Powell

Born in 1919, Josephine Powell visited Turkey for the first time in 1955 to photograph Byzantine mosaics. She then set out on her first comprehensive trip around Turkey, being the first foreigner to be given permission to drive across the country after the foundation of the Republic. In those years she became interested in Turkish flat-woven textiles. She set out to work with the Turkish nomads themselves, gathering information about their handicraft – what purpose the objects served, why they were made, and how they were created. She began amassing Anatolian kilims, sacks, bands and related artifacts in a collection that reflects the role and importance of weaving in rural Anatolia. She also played a major role in the revival of natural dyes in Turkey and in establishing the DOBAG (Doğal Boya Araştırma Geliştirme, Research and Development of Natural Dyes) Project, the first Turkish women’s cooperative that makes carpets using authentic designs and natural dyes.

By the time of her death in 2007, Josephine had a significant collection and photographic archives. Her collections of Anatolian flat-weaves and ethnographic objects, as well as copies of all her images were donated to the Vehbi Koç Foundation in Istanbul in 2006. In this book, which is published within the framework of What Josephine Saw exhibition organized by Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations on 11 June – 21 October 2012, you will find a selection of photographs of the Anatolia that Josephine saw, as well as the memorial essays of her colleagues, friends, and travel companions.

The editor of the book, Kimberly Hart, is Assistant Professor at Buffalo State College and works in the field of social and cultural anthropology.


Foreword / Ömer M. Koç

Foreword / Umran İnan

Foreword / Scott Redford

I: Josephine Powell's photographic work and archive

Acknowledgments/ Kimberly Hart

Introduction Kimberly Hart

George Hewitt Myers Award, 2006, The Textile Museum, Washington, DC

Andrew Finkel's interview with Josephine Powell, 2006

Brillliant in black and white: Josephine Powell's professional photography as reflected in the collections of Harvard's Fine Arts Library / Jeff Spurr

II: Josephine Powell's visions of rural Anatolia

The Powell Archive at the RCAC: making sense of the photographs / Kimberly Hart

A camel caravan in Central Anatolia / Josephine Powell

III: Memorial essays

Josephine in Afghanistan / Nancy Hatch Dupree

Reminiscences of half a century of friendship / Halet Çambel

Remembering Josephine Powell: kısmet, hasret and horses / Susan Scollay

Living with Josephine /Kimberly Hart

On Josephine / Şerife Atlıhan

Josephine Powell, the "American nomad" with unique photo archives / Birgitte Jensen

Josephine Powell: our friendship / Catherine Mortensen

The pleasure of her company / Martha Mahard

"Just get on the bus and go," she said: remembering Josephine / Leyla Neyzi

Josephine Powell and DOBAG / Eckhart Schroeter

My meetings with Josphine Powell / Elisabeth Steiner

Memory of a mentor / Charlotte Horton

Short piece on Josephine / Clive Rogers

IV: Details on Josephine Powell's life and works

Josephine Powell: a chronology

Major archival holdings of Josephine Powell photographs

Josephine Powell's photographs in publications by other author

Bibliography of Josephine Powell's publications

Exhibitions of the Josephine Powell collection

Glossary of Turkish words used in captions


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