After a Sinful Night / True Correspondence

Sadiye Vefik

TRANSLATED BY: Senem Timuroğlu


CATEGORY: Feuilleton
PAGES: 240
SIZE: 13,5 x 20 cm
EDITION: 1. Baskı ,2021-03-19 22:55
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786057685674

Bir Günahkâr Geceden Sonra (After a Sinful Night) and Muhaberat-ı Hakikiye (True Correspondence) focus on the friendship and the solidarity among women. The novels discuss how this friendship and solidarity empower women, and how women can be ruined without this support. Sadiye Vefik uses the epistolary novel form to present the friendship, the sharing of secrets, and the need for women to listen to each other without judgment.

This edition brings together Muhaberat-ı Hakikiye, which was printed as a book in 1913 and Bir Günahkâr Geceden Sonra, which appeared as episodic installments in 1922 in the newspaper Yeni Şark, and this occasion marks the re-discovery of another forgotten woman writer of Turkish literature.


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