Scenarios of the Art World

Burak Delier


PAGES: 195
SIZE: 13,5 x 20 cm.
EDITION: 1st print ,2016-03-22 00:00:00
HARDCOVER ISBN: 9786055250874

Scenarios of the Art World includes Delier’s essays and interviews about his works. Delier’s debate over the concrete examples and situations of the relationship between art and politics aims to question the forms of artistic, critical and political arguments.

Delier focuses on the call for the boycotts in Türkiye and the world, and the political and ethical discourses that come with these calls. He argues that the “art vs. capitalism” idea, which is pushed by the language of these calls fundamentally works as a win-win scenario. Delier’s book emphasizes the handicaps of playing the game “bad neoliberal capitalism” on one side  and “good activist art” on the other. Delier not only discusses the boycott and strike tactics, but also traces diffferent methods of opposition and insurgencies from the Italian football player Mario Balotelli to uniquely-designed war plane, from the analysis of a collective self-censor case to the readings of the art fairs.

Burak Delier has completed his MA in Yıldız University, in the department of art and design, and continues his work as an assistant professor in Sakarya University. He opened his solo exhibition “Freedom Doesn’t Have a Script” with the support of the Institute of International Visual Arts of London in 2014. He also participated many exhibitions both in Türkiye and abroad such as “İstanbul: Tutku, Neşe, Öfke” (Maxxi, Rome 2016), “Sen, Ben ve Aramızdaki Her Şey” (Spatiu İntact, Cluj 2015), “Uluslararası Sanatçı Filmleri” (Whitechappel Gallery and Istanbul Modern 2015), “Formun Huzursuzluğu” (Vienna 2013), “Ne Kadar Faşizm?” (BAK, Utrecht 2012)



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